26 March 2018

Best of APLF Awards 2018 – Winners of Fashion Access

The winners of the Best of APLF Awards (BOAA) 2018 were announced during BOAA & Design-A-Bag Awards and Cocktail Party in the evening of 15 March 2018 during APLF fairs.


There were a total of 13 winners with 5 Fashion Access exhibits and 8 APLF Leather & Materials+ exhibits. Read on to find out about the well-deserved award winners in design excellence for finished products.


Click here to find out the Best of APLF award winners for raw materials winner list.


Best Bag & Small Leathergoods Collection
Company: Simpson London
Country: England
Description: Simpson London’s hand-stitched, traditional bridle-finish vegetable-tanned leather briefcases and their printed leather small leathergoods collection embodies class and simplicity, with their clean lines and the use of top quality components.


Best Ladies’ Bag Designs
Company: Vignato Limited
Country: Hong Kong
Description: Vignato’s bags are Hong Kong-designed and Italian-made. Their leather bag collection presents a nice harmony of colours and simple silhouettes, giving the bags a youthful and urban vibe.


Best Men’s Footwear Collection
Company: IO Co. Ltd.
Country: Japan
Description: IO Co. Ltd.’s athleisure collection presents a hybrid, innovative take on men’s shoes with their playful designs done using chrome-free leather.


Best Ladies’ Footwear Collection
Company: Global Times Ltd.
Country: Hong Kong
Description: Global TImes’ shoe collection shows great variety but with strong trendy identity that attracts the sophisticated, urban fashionista.


Creative Global Concept
Company: Guangzhou Wuxuzhixu Culture Communication Co. Ltd.
Country: China
Description: Guangzhou Wuxuzhixu’s stand bear a strong imprint of the company’s values and design directions, creating a creative backdrop for the hand-dyed leather collection.

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