30 March 2017

Best of APLF Awards 2017 – Winners of APLF Leather & Materials+

The winners of the Best of APLF Awards (BOAA) 2017 were announced during BOAA & Design-A-Bag Awards and Cocktail Party in the evening of 30 March 2017 during APLF fairs.


There were a total of 12 winners with 4 Fashion Access exhibits and 8 APLF Leather & Materials+ exhibits. Read on to find out about the well-deserved award winners for leather, materials and component.


Click here to find out the Fashion Access winner list.


APLF Materials+ Winners:

Company: Jinjiang Shubao Shoes Material Co. Ltd.
Country: China
Description: For putting focus on wellness with its innovative line of insoles that bear a range of properties including massage points, electronic heating, sweat reduction, among others, making it a perfect example of an athleisure product.


Company: C&S FA Co. Ltd.
Country: Korea
Description: Synthetics never looked so happy and smiley than with C&S’s digitally printed collection that gives a totally novel and youthful vibe to PU materials.


Company: Interweave Concepts
Country: Philippines
Description: For its interesting line of handwoven fabrics made of natural fibers mixed with leather that brings together various aspects of an eco-product: the use of sustainable materials; contributing to the livelihood of marginalised communities in the Philippines; and elevating the hand weaving tradition that is very much a part of Philippine culture.


Company: Fujian Jinjiang Huayu Weaving
Country: China
Description: For their brilliant collection of colour-changing 3-D mesh that are ideal for sports fashion, particularly sports shoes and bags.



APLF Leather Winners:

Company: Sanyo Leather Co., Ltd.
Country: Japan
Description: For reviving the tradition of vegetable-tanned, glazed and shrunken leather, that displays the company’s high level of craftsmanship and dedication to creating a classic, luxury line of leathers.


Company: Teampiel International
Country: Italy
Description: For its creative finishing of lower grade leather stocks and developing these into an incredibly diverse and fashionable leather collection with trendy yet sophisticated color proposals that can have many new and interesting applications in the world of fashion and athleisure.


Company: Soydan
Country: Turkey
Description: For its “Feather” collection of fine lambskin that they have developed as no-crease, no-tear, washable, and dry-cleanable, making it perfect for fashion garments and gloving while, at the same time, keeping the integral aspects of the leather as it is.


Company: Anil Tannery
Country: Turkey
Description: For its range of innovative leathers, particularly their transparent lambskin collection that gets us thinking about how they can take their technology further in the future. Their transparent collection has already received orders from the more creative international fashion brands.

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