18 June 2024

Regenerative Farming

It feels like regenerative farming is having a spotlight moment right now. And with a new film ‘Wilding’ being released today, this may trigger even more conversations!


The documentary tells the story of British farming pioneers, Isabella Tree and Charlie Burrell and their Knepp Estate. It’s a fascinating journey of discovery, enabling rewilding and regenerative farming to be seen and understood by everyone.

But what exactly is regenerative farming? And what are its benefits?

In simple terms, regenerative agriculture encompasses traditional, proven practices as well as innovation in management, measurement and practice. It is an alternative way of raising animals and crops working with natural systems to ensure the long-term resilience of the land and continue to provide for generations to come.

The leather industry is inextricably linked with the future of agriculture. Regenerative farming practices can contribute to a more sustainable leather industry by improving biodiversity and restoring and conserving the ecosystems that facilitate leather hides.

Tempted to find out more? Check out our fact sheet about regenerative farming here: https://bit.ly/3Eqpb8u.

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