19 March 2024

Exciting Event Agenda on Leather for 40 Years of APLF

Originally launched as a trade fair in 1984, APLF has gradually been transformed to a multi-dimensional, integrated event.

Nowadays, it covers not only commercial aspects of the leather industry, but also offering a combination of workshops, conferences, and seminars that are educational and informational for helping in taking business and planning decisions.

This year there is a packed event agenda with special emphasis on various aspects of the leather industry.

The Deforestation: Drivers, Impact, Regulation and Mitigation is a topic which is one of the major issues under discussion in the international leather industry. Experts from COTANCE, the LWG, the World Wildlife Fund and the Sustainable Leather Foundation will participate in what some regard as a controversial subject that forms part of the Green Agenda in Europe.

On Day 2 of APLF, the Leather Naturally Breakfast Meeting will be held. A summary of past initiatives will be presented and plans. There will be opportunities for exchange of opinions and a panel discussion for stakeholders.

Leather Forum
Let’s Talk Leather Masterclass

Designer Maker Yusuf Osman, together with Technical Consultant Karl Flowers from the UK, will bring the masterclass to Hong Kong. Tailored for designers, this course will provide participants with technical and practical insights into the characteristics and applications of different types of leather.

Leather Foundation Course for Fashion Professionals

Hosted by Technical Consultant Karl Flowers, this course is specifically designed for fashion professionals including producers, designers, buyers, and store trainers. It aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the technical aspects of leather, including the tanning process, types of leather, leather products, care instructions, and an overview of leather testing and certification.

More details on these events and others can be found on www.aplf.com.

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