12 January 2024

Influencers: Green Washers in Disguise ⁉

Report by Is it leather?

Greenwashing through influencers is as subtle as it is pervasive. Brands drape themselves in the sustainability language of their chosen influencer, using them as a shield against criticism. But are these influencers genuine eco-warriors or savvy marketers pushing green-tinged fast fashion?

The Guardian’s article exposes how influencers, from celebrity ambassadors to minimalist fashionistas, are complicit in perpetuating a charade of sustainability. They drape themselves in “eco-conscious” language, promoting “recycled” collections or “capsule wardrobe” concepts, all while shilling for fast fashion giants or launching their own brands with questionable practices.

Their message? A tepid “we’re trying, kind of,” enough to soothe their conscience and maintain their brand, but not enough to disrupt the unsustainable cycle. Sustainability requires slowing down, not the constant churn of “new” promoted by influencers and fast fashion.

The core issue lies in the inherent contradiction of influencer-driven sustainability. Their livelihood depends on constant consumption, a relentless churn of new products and trends. This insatiable appetite for novelty clashes with the very essence of sustainability – slowing down, reusing, and minimizing our environmental impact.

What’s the solution? Supporting and following only those influencers who genuinely understand and promote conscious consumption through the investment of materials like real leather. Together, let’s elevate those influencers who create a stark contrast to the greenwashing tactics and the fleeting trends of fast fashion.

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