28 November 2023

World Steak Challenge 2023 - New APLF Exhibitor wins prestigious International Award in London


The publication South America’s Best Steak reports that Argentina’s Azul Natural Beef received a new distinction at the gala ceremony held at the prestigious Smith & Wollensky restaurant in London.

The company Azul Natural Beef, the flagship producer of high-quality beef and owner of Devesa and ANB brands, added a new achievement to its list of successes.

On the night of November 13th, at the awards ceremony for the World Steak Challenge 2023, the company received recognition “South America’s Best Steak,” adding to the five medals already obtained in this year’s round of this outstanding international competition.

A company spokesperson explained the secrets of its siccess:

“The award ceremony, adds a special touch to this recognition, highlighting the international relevance of our Argentine Beef in one of London’s most emblematic gastronomic scenarios. The marbling of our steak, is a result of our animal’s corn-enriched diet combined with natural raising pastures, translating to a buttery texture and flavors that melt on the palate. This steak was provided from one of our cattle suppliers located in the “Pampa Húmeda”, Argentina”.

“The establishment boasts a rich heritage of sustainable practices. In the backdrop of a temperate climate and abundant summer rainfall, animals thrive in the high-quality open pastures, where they roam freely for more than a year. This natural upbringing is the foundation of our commitment to well-being and taste”.

“The next step is the transition to a diet carefully composed of corn silage, rolled corn grain, and nourishing alfalfa hay. Initially young cattle are fed whole corn-plant sileage gradually transitioning to a finishing diet comprising whole grain rolled corn, lasting 120-140 days. Every bite embodies the harmony of ethical rearing and exquisite flavor, a testament to our dedication to high quality production. We will continue to advance, bringing the very best of Argentine Beef to international markets, placing our country on the podium of the global beef industry. We celebrate this shared success and express our gratitude for the trust placed in Azul Natural Beef by all our customers,” he concluded.

The World Steak Challenge is a global competition where beef steak cuts undergo thorough evaluation. The tasting sessions took place on September 13th and 14th in the city of Amsterdam. The winners were announced on September 29th, and the awards ceremony was in London on November 13th.

Vosit Azul Natural Beef at APLF Leather 2024 to be held at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) from 19-21 March. Hall 3.

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