14 August 2023

Pakistan, which is the 7th largest footwear producer in the world, reported growth data for its footwear exports, both in pairs and in foreign currency. This situation contrasts with the recent information coming from Italy and Spain, which reported the drop in foreign sales in number of pairs, despite the fact that, due to inflationary increases, income in currency rose. Report by CueroAmérica.

In the last twelve months, Pakistan increased its footwear exports by 13.74% in value and 35.50% in volume compared to the previous fiscal year. According to figures released by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), the country sold 25.52 million pairs abroad, for a total of US$ 178.6 million.


Of the total number of pairs, 10.23 million correspond to leather footwear, which generated a business volume of US$ 142.1 million. This represents, in percentage terms, a growth of 26.38% and 14.07% respectively. The leather footwear segment represents 80% of the value of total exports.

The segment of footwear made with other materials registered an increase of 43.86% in volume (15.15 million pairs) and 13.13% in value (US$ 35.11 million). The only item that marked a drop were canvas shoes, which decreased by 33.15% in volume and 2.39% in value.

Parallel to this scenario, exports of finished leather fell by 19.45%, generating a turnover of US$ 167.6 million.

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