24 May 2023

At the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2023, an event held in Italy to celebrate historic and vintage cars, BMW will present the premiere of its touring coupe concept car, writes Leatherbiz.



The one off production, taking elegant style designs inspired by classic touring cars of the past will be upholstered in “precisely crafted leather surfaces” from Poltrona Frau, to create an ambience of luxury.

The interior, in an exclusive bi-colour scheme has been made with the greatest attention to detail with the choice of materials used. A statement by BMW said: “ the upper section, a dark brown tone aids concentration while driving; in the lower section, a light saddle brown brings comfort and warmth into the interior.

Precise perforations, as well as braided leather straps for the seat valences and slide bar, highlight the artisan character of the interior, which combines traditional craftsmanship at the highest level with modern design principles.”

A luggage set, exclusively designed for BMW by Schedoni leather workshop, in Modena, consisting of two large and one small weekender bags, plus a garment bag, have been commission to perfectly coordinate with the vehicle


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