15 May 2023

adidas praises Ecco Leather’s role in colourful collection Sportswear brand adidas has praised the leather sourced from Ecco Leather tannery used in its latest collaboration with music producer Pharrell Williams, writes Leatherbiz.



Previous iterations of the shoe have been made with a suede toecap, but Pharrell chose to use a full leather upper and leather shoelaces for Human race Samba Colors by Pharrell, using raw materials sourced in the Netherlands.

In an unusual move, the brand names its tannery supplier and extols its credentials: Ecco Leather’s tanning technology saves 20 liters of water per hide, resulting in a higher colour fastness and better performance, said adidas.

Mr Williams said: “We’re instilling high-quality materials and craftsmanship back into footwear.”

The design has been launched in yellow, orange, pink, lilac, red and green, and will be followed by charcoal, white and terracotta colourways.

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