10 February 2023

The Saddlers’ Company has invited the Society of Master Saddlers to Saddlers’ Hall for its National Saddlery Competition, writes ILM.

Returning after the Covid pandemic, the competition will present awards across almost 30 categories, with around 120 entries judged by the leading Master Saddlers in the country. The event is being held at Saddlers’ Hall in London today (February 7, 2023) and tomorrow.

Following the competition, the winning entries will be showcased to a range of stakeholders and partners, including students from the Islington Academy, Alleyn’s School, City University of London and young people from Ebony Horse Club, the British Racing School and the Fortune Centre for Riding Therapy.

The visitors will also be given demonstrations of leather and saddlery work by staff and students from Capel Manor College, the Saddlery Training Centre, the Royal Mews, the Kings Troop, the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment and Master Saddler Suzie Fletcher.

Prime Warden of the Saddlers’ Company, Lucy Atherton, said: “Professional equine fitting sits at the heart of a healthy equestrian sector and is a key factor in improving standards of horse and rider welfare and wellbeing. By acknowledging the achievements of those determined to improve standards and to raise awareness, we hope that all in the equestrian sector will continue to enjoy responsible riding in all its forms.

“In partnership with the Loriner’s Company, we are also launching an Equine Fitters Directory this Spring. Overseen by an independent Council it will provide an independent resource for equine professionals, riders, and horse owners whilst contributing to public confidence. It will be the independent authority for equine fitters – setting standards, promoting education, and encouraging professional practice within the industry.”

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