8 June 2022

TFL is celebrating the first anniversary of the “new TFL” after acquiring the organic leather chemicals (OLC) business of Lanxess on June 1, 2021, reports ILM. The company said: “From that point onwards the teams worked together tirelessly to integrate the two businesses and provide a seamless service to the customers worldwide with the aim of becoming an even stronger player in the leather chemicals market.” The combined business now employs around 1,200 people across the world with a turnover of approximately €450 million on a pro-forma basis, and has production facilities in Germany, Italy, France, Brazil, India and China and a presence in over 90 countries. TFL expects the integration to continue past the one year mark, but has said that the process has been very smooth so far, and has been received well by all business partners. In a statement, the company said: “TFL can be proud of what all employees have achieved throughout this year, especially as in many areas the integration targets were even outperformed.”

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