13 April 2022
The footwear brand, which is owned by Wolverine Worldwide, has announced the launch of Merrell ReTread, its multinational product buyback and resale programme, reports ILM The company reports that ReTread will save 300,000 pairs of footwear from landfills and consumers can send back their Merrell footwear to be repaired and refurbished for resale, broken down for use in new products or recycled for alternative uses. To participate, consumers can visit the Merrell website to obtain a free return label to ship their used footwear to ReCircled. Once the shipment is collected, they will receive a code for US$20 off new products. The programme is launching in the U.S. and Canada to begin with, but Merrell plans to expand it globally, beginning with the EMEA region next year. “We believe the outdoors is a place that people can always come home to, and that is why we are committed to preserve and protect the places we recreate. The Merrell ReTread program is a firm step in our sustainable commitment, enabling us to extend the life of our Merrell footwear and giving people more options to minimize their environmental footprint,” said Chris Hufnagel, Global Brand President of Merrell.

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