8 November 2021

Benefits of leather - Get the facts

If you want to learn more about leather, particularly as a material used in other supply chains such as fashion or in upholstery, the platform of Leather Naturally offers a wide range of insights and documents for you to peruse. For example, Leather Naturally’s Naturallys factsheet on leather benefits provides you with a great overview of what it is that makes us love leather so much. Report by One 4 Leather.  



You probably already realise that leather lasts a long time and often gets more beautiful with the years, making it different to most man-made synthetic materials. The unique look certain leathers acquire is what we call patina, which is quite unique to every item and user. The unique look is why a leather garment, or a product is usually a good choice if you want to ‘buy less, buy better’. Leather fits into the return of an artisan tradition, where craftsmanship is appreciated and we keep what we have. Furthermore, if leather is broken, we can fix it as it restores remarkably well with good care.


If a product, made with leather, comes to the very end of its life, it is biodegradable. It typically takes 10 to 50 years for leather to fully return to nature, but tanners and leather chemists are working on leathers that are more readily compostable – all of this makes it a remarkable material, with immense potential for a sustainable future. There is a lot more to tell about leathers remarkable versatility, potential properties and of course its natural qualities that make it such a pleasant and luxurious material.


Find out everything you want to know yourself on the platform of Leather Naturally.


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