29 September 2021

‘Real Leather, Stay Different’ - International winner announced

The winner of the inaugural ‘Real Leather Stay Different’ international student design competition has been selected from over 400 entrants, representing 36 countries.


Winning Design


Emily Omesi, a BFA undergraduate of Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City (FIT NYC), impressed the judges with her leather jacket design (pictured) entitled ‘Bacterial Genetics’, inspired by scans of infectious diseases. 


The judging panel included Katie Greenyer of the Pentland Group, stylist Mike Adler and Rollacoaster magazine art director Milan Miladinovs.


Ms Omesi said: “I love working with leather – there is truly no other material like it. It’s durable and can last the wearer a lifetime but is also very delicate to sew. 


“Handling leather takes patience and practice – similar to creating a sculpture. Every leather hide is unique, which makes the process that much special.”


Building on the success of competitions that ran in Italy, Taiwan, China and the UK, the first ‘Real Leather. Stay Different. International Student Design Competition’ encourages the use of leather in delivering a more sustainable future and the next generation of designers to think about ‘slow fashion’. 


Judge Mike Adler said: “This jacket is not only super editorial but its modern and futuristic design easily translates into music and celebrity styling as well as the retail space. We need new designers who will challenge the norm and can combine sustainability with high fashion effortlessly – Emily has delivered on all these points.”


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