10 July 2024

adidas dedicates to Toni Kroos the leather boots he loved so much

Photo on the left from Facebook, on the right from adidas

He chose them, he loved them, and he never abandoned them. This is why the adidas 11 PRO football boot model is now called TK PRO. The German sportswear company has dedicated to the German champion Toni Kroos, who has just played his last tournament with the national team before retiring, the shoes he has played with continuously from 2013 to today. Shoes he has never given up on for the quality of touch that the leather upper allowed him. By La Conceria.

The dedication to Toni Kroos

Kroos announces his retirement from football at the age of 34. And he does so with a rich list of achievements: three-time German champion with Bayern Munich, four-time Spanish champion with Real Madrid and, above all, six-time European champion with both clubs. Without forgetting the World Cup, just to stick to the most prestigious medals, lifted with Germany in 2014. Kroos has collected many of his successes wearing the same model of adidas shoes. An in-depth report by The Athletic tells the story: indifferent to all the marketing opportunities that the adidas sponsorship offered, the strong German midfielder has wanted to take to the field only with the 11 Pro since 2013.

The value of leather

It is significant that among the reasons that pushed Kroos to fall in love with the 11 Pro is the leather upper. The now ex-player appreciated the softness of the material, explains adidas Global Product Manager Bjorgvin Hreinsson, which guarantees naturalness and sensitivity of the touch of the ball. All those who pressure sports brands to abandon leather in favor of synthetic should take this into account: champions do not need slogans, they need quality.

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