24 April 2023

At Sadesa, we Invest In Our Planet daily.



How? By continuously investing in different ways to keep making our leathers more and more sustainable. Sadesa’s low impact tanning process avoids damage to our environment, an essential responsibility.

Our sustainability investments and plans focus on using less water, as well as using energy from renewable sources. We also work on zero waste processes, as well as hides’ traceability from the moment they arrive at the tannery to the time they become finished leathers.

We operate under strict local and international environmental standards and we are periodically subjected to rigorous audits carried out by recognized organizations.

As a result, we have been awarded the best Certifications by the Leather Working Group.

For more information on these and other sustainability actions, please visit: https://lnkd.in/dsuzBtw

Find out more at https://www.earthday.org

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