24 April 2023

In a recent interview, Clémentine Colin-Richard, president of the French Shoe Federation, noted that shoe manufacturing in France last year approached pre-pandemic levels, writes CueroAmérica.


Clementine Colin Richard

Although the brands sold fewer units, they were sold at a higher value due to the strong inflation suffered by the raw materials and energy sector. She highlighted that exports have increased by 25% in 2022.

Asked about the situation of the sector, the leader pointed out that “the biggest challenge is to ensure production. We also have to deal with inflation in the price of raw materials and energy.” She also commented on the concern regarding sustainability regulations imposed by the EU, which are not harmonized.

For Collin Richard, the issue of sustainability “is too big” and “everything can fit into that concept.” “Talking about sustainability is talking about people, forms of production, quality of raw materials and regulations.” One of the complaints that she expressed in this regard is that “when addressing sustainability, you have to work on many issues that take time and the main task of the manufacturer is to produce.”

“Perhaps today sustainability is a fashion,” she said. We have to change that ‘fashion’ and turn it into a real trend” opined the president of the Federation. According to her vision, “all countries have to work together, because some countries do not agree with what France is doing. Then it becomes very difficult for companies to comply with the rules of each country”.

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