17 April 2023

Furniture group American Leather Holdings has announced a rebranding, becoming Artisant Lane, reports ILM.

According to the company, the new brand “recognises the individuality of the brands, along with the company’s mission to bring unmatched innovation in comfort, style, quality, value and speed to the furniture industry.”

The holding company includes the following furniture manufacturers, collectively employing around 1,300 people.

American Leather, producing made-to-order, premium leather and fabric furniture produced in three weeks or less, based out of Dallas, Texas.

LEE Industries, which specialises in custom upholstery for interior design showrooms and high-end retailers across North America. The brand’s production facilities are located in Conover and Newton, North Carolina.

Brookline Furniture, a manufacturer of upholstered seating for the hospitality industry, based in Archdale, North Carolina.

BenchMade Modern, an online, direct-to-consumer producer and retailer of custom, premium furniture.

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