4 April 2023

On April 26, two important industry organizations such as Leather Naturally and the Leather Working Group invite the value chain to celebrate the benefits of the essential raw material for the industry on social media. The objective is for the public to recover the information and recognize in leather a beautiful, comfortable, durable and biodegradable material. And also, that its use is not responsible for the killing of animals, but rather solves an environmental problem. Report by CurtoAmérica.

For this reason, once again this year Leather Naturally and the Leather Working Group invite all members of the value chain and the general public to participate in the second edition of “World Leather Day” to be held on April 26.

The initiative seeks to communicate to consumers the positive characteristics of this noble material and highlight the role of leather in the circular economy. Manufacturers, brands, designers, students and all sectors involved in the industry will participate in this call.

To participate, you just have to register on the Leather Naturally page before April 26. Once registered, this non-profit organization will send a ‘social media kit’ that includes three images ready to publish, a text in several languages to accompany the images and the list of hashtags that will be used that day.

Leather Naturally asks the participants to publish this material on their social networks on April 26 to make visible and publicize the advantages of using leather in footwear and clothing.

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