Bag Design Workshop by Accademia Della Moda

Bag Design Workshop by Accademia Della Moda

下午 04:30 - 06:00 (UTC +4)
主舞台, Hall 1, 迪拜世界贸易中心

“From Concept to Product”


In this short but highly focused workshop, we will explain the processing path that goes from the concept to the creative development and therefore to the realization of a bag.


The subdivision of the information we will share with the participants will be developed in two macro-areas.


  • In the first area we will think about the choice of the subject (mood and inspiration) and the aesthetic synthesis linked to it. We will then move on to the definition of the design and the overall stylistic code of the bag, including the elements of the metalwork.
  • In the second area, we will deal with the technical definition of the project, in order to reach the first stages of model/pattern development and the definition of all the stylistic and technical choices of the finished bag product.


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Roviello Napoli

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