Life Cycle Assessment - Understanding the Environmental Impact of PrimeAsia’s Leathers
23 July 2021


In Q2 2021, PrimeAsia introduced a complete Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to its customers and partners across the globe. The twelve-month project involved the collection of 3000+ data points from 11 different supply chain configurations and five countries.

Higg Chart

In addition to better understanding the impacts of its products, PrimeAsia plans to use LCAsas a continuous tool to use scientific-based data to measure, manage and reduce its impactsin a transparent and reliable way.

The assessment also provides important information, generated following internationally recognized methodologies, for discussions around sustainability and the role of leather in the footwear industry.

To support these discussions, PrimeAsia has published its results in the newest version of Higg MSI (version 3.2), where the scores are accessible to all its customers and users of the platform.

The information can be used by PrimeAsia’s customers to assess the environmental impact of the leathers specified in their footwear. In addition, it will allow customers to quantify the positive contribution of PrimeAsia leathers towards their short-term and long-term sustainability goals.

The results will also provide evidence that responsibly made leathers can and do have an important role in the production of sustainable shoes, offering a natural, durable and high-quality alternative to plastics and other fossil-based materials.

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