Tibet - Leather Value Chain propelled by Traceability and Zeology
03 May 2021

Francis Tsang of the ChronFree Leather Alliance (CFLA) writes that the WWW is what most people think of as the Internet. Today we are launching a showcase WWW sneakers in China.

Our WWW White sneakers are made out of 100% traceable White Yak leather from Tibetan community under the government sponsored breeding program tanned by innovative tanning Zeology Wet White from Nera Leather Tanning & White titanium‐free pigmented by CODYECO S.P.A.

It is our initiatives to promote full traceability of White Yak leather and communicate the benefits of ChromeFree and Innovative Tanning to the Chinese leather manufacturing industry and create a socially and environmentally sustainable Leather Value Chain in China, for China and the world.

To explore the development of the White Yak leather products and promote the conservation of species will naturally help Tibetan herders alleviate poverty.

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