The first Best of APLF Awards (BOAA) was held in March 2004 to mark the 20th anniversary of APLF fair. The organisers saw the need to raise the bar for all exhibitors by creating an awards program that would encourage the pursuit of excellence in design and quality.



“o,o Inspirations & Work in progress”

Ten years ago, APLF Ltd asked to design a trophy for a new event at Fashion Access and APLF: the Best Of APLF Awards (BOAA).

Olivier Guillemin and Olivier Védrine dreamed up a surrealistic, sensual object that does not look like a traditional trophy.

Their inspiration came from a piece of leather, first stylised and then expressed in an innovative material – Dacryl acrylic crystal – in APLF’s emblematic blue. A small aperture turned it into a monocle, as a poetic reference to APLF’s visionary view of the leather and fashion industries.

The trophies look identical, but they are all different. Each piece is unique because it is hand made. So they symbolise creativity, excellence, rarity and craftsmanship.

For the BOAA’s 10th anniversary, o,o has brought out a limited edition of the trophy in acrylic crystal with an inclusion of cascading gold fabric, a material designed by Dacryl exclusively for this event.