Collaborative Sustainability - LWG and Textile Exchange grant reciprocal membership
26 July 2021

Multi-stakeholder body the Leather Working Group (LWG) has agreed with the US-based Textile Exchange to grant reciprocal membership to boost collaboration and resource sharing, reports Leatherbiz

From Mulberry - an LWG Member

Members will be able to use each other’s resources and join members-only events and discussions.

Textile Exchange members will be able to contribute to LWG working groups and access the LWG Audit Standards and other technical documentation. LWG members will be able to join the Textile Exchange Hub. 

The LWG signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Textile Exchange in 2018. It joined the Responsible Leather Round Table and helped TE to create the Leather Production Environmental Standards Benchmark for the Leather Impact Accelerator (LIA), based on the LWG audit standard. 

Christina Trautmann, programme manager of LWG, said: “We can only address the challenges facing the leather industry by engaging multiple stakeholders across the supply chain and driving alignment, and we are committed to carry on working in collaboration with Textile Exchange as their benchmark is developed."

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