Raw Materials – Understanding Raw Materials For The Tanning Industry
11 June 2021

One of the issues the leather industry continuously deals with is the way it’s raw material is produced, being the pelts and hides of ruminants and other cattle. In this webinar, hosted by International Leather Maker (ILM) and TheSuaerReport.com, sponsored by the Leather and Hide Council of America (LHCA), the raw materials are discussed at length by various professionals. Reports One 4 Leather

Steve Sothman, president of the LHCA, addresses various misconceptions about leather in his part of the webinar. He focuses on the necessity of ruminants for regenerative purposes, but also the misunderstandings regarding the carbon footprint of cattle. Furthermore, he shares some exciting advancements about the industry, which has managed in the past 40 years to reduce the cattle herd but improve the amount of produce derived from it.

Inpelsa chairman Manue Rios Navarro shares learnings from the EU funded SELAMBQ project to improve the material quality of Entrefino sheep and lambskins. This sort of research enables the industry to create significant improvements. Similarly, Mauricio Bauer, Senior Corporate Engagement Specialist at the National Wildlife Federation, shares insights from efforts undertaken in the Amazon. One big concern in society is deforestation for cattle rearing, but efforts from the federation have made it possible to produce beef and leather that is deforestation-free. He also discusses Visipec, a tool that creates transparency and traceability for the Amazon-region leather production and helps bring the industry to more sustainable processes.

Watch the full webinar here

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