Automotive and Marine – Bentley’s leathers recreated for the ocean
11 June 2021

Bentley owner was so impressed with the leather and finishes of his luxury car that he designed his custom yacht to match, reports Leatherbiz

Bentley Motors collaborated with Dutch yacht builder Contest Yachts to replicate the look and feel, with emphasis on red and beige leathers.

The interior panelling in the yacht also showcases Bentley’s signature diamond-in-diamond stitching. Outside, the deep blue hull complements the finish of the owner’s Continental GT V8 Coupe.

Brett Boydell, head of Bentley design collaborations at Bentley Motors, said: “This project was an opportunity for Bentley Design Services to showcase some of their many skills in a truly unique collaboration. Bentley cars embrace qualities of craftsmanship and styling that are only achieved at the highest level of nautical design.”

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