Indian school shoes
Others | 15 July 2010

The item in question appeared in the publication VegNewsDaily, an organization based in San Francisco.

It seems far from clear how representative are the views quoted in the article by two organizations:

India’s Central Board of School Education and

The Council for Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE)

Both, according to the report, are quoted as supporting this proposal.  Both may well be substantial bodies but there is nothing to suggest that they have influence in the decisions of India’s central government bureaucracy nor, even if they did, whether this is an issue that preys upon the priorities of central government.

And, if that were not enough, even if the movement gained ‘official’ backing for their proposals there would be next step of implementing them.

Herding cats into a box would be easier.

It’s a little like the (alleged) report some while back of a local authority in the UK, demanding that all buckets sold must have holes drilled in them, to prevent children from putting their heads in and drowning. 

Just because something appears in print does not make it true, or accurate, or both.



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