Catherine Hindermann

CEO and co-founder

Gaia Amore

Originally from Sweden and educated in the US, Catherine is currently living in India and working on her New Luxury brand, as the CEO and co-founder of Gaia Amore alongside her partner Ashish Tandon. Together they’ve established a brand focused on preserving artisan culture and skills around the world. Meanwhile, building a community of patrons who value luxurious hand-made products, demand transparency of their brand’s supply chain and really want to know where their products come from and by who they are made. Catherine is focused on understanding how the future of technological innovation can marry the organic production and manufacturing systems and solutions of the past to create a more sustainable model that focuses on social and environmental responsibility. By working in the fashion industry, she’s able to collaborate with experts in their fields who share a common goal of disillusioning the allure of opacity in luxury, give light to the otherwise ostracized, give credit to true artisans and ensure that our future generations are able to enjoy the passion, richness and uniqueness of the rural artisan as much as the remarkable techy advancements currently being building in the Web 3.0 space.


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