Environment: Poaching of snakes for illegal trade in exotic skins
FNA | 08 January 2013

The International Union for Nature Conservation (UICN) has released a report that states that one fifth of snake skins coming from South East Asia and used in the fashion industry are obtained illegally.

Based in Geneva, the UICN has affirmed that many reptiles are hunted before they have had time to reproduce and in many regions the python has almost vanished.

The UICN also states that Indonesia. Malaysia and Vietnam arte the principal countires where pythons are obtained and 70% of all skins pass through Singapore on their way to Italy, Germany and France.

In the report the UICN asks representatives of the fashion industry to establish a system so as to be able to trace the origin of exotic skins with the aim of confirming that they are in fact coming from legal sources.

Information courtesy of CueroAmérica Translated from Spanish by Richard Smith