Supply Chain - JBS launches blockchain platform for monitoring supply chain
04 May 2021

Meat and leather producer JBS has launched a new blockchain-based tool to enhance its monitoring of cattle production in the Amazon biome, reports Leatherbiz.


JBS has had in place for years a policy of sourcing no cattle from suppliers who engage in illegal deforestation of lands in Amazon regions and it has committed to extending this to the suppliers of its suppliers there by 2025 and to make its entire global supply chain deforestation-free by 2035.

It decided some time ago that, to cover indirect suppliers too, blockchain would be a necessary addition to the technology it has in place already. At the end of April, it launched a new platform called Transparent Livestock Farming to help it achieve this aim.

Cattle producers will use the platform voluntarily to list their suppliers of animals. The platform has been developed by technology provider Ecotrace, which specialises in blockchain for the business sector.

“As the platform is an open one, other companies in the industry can use the system,” JBS said.