Italy - Environment: Medio Chiampo - a new green upgraded facility
04 May 2021

A green upgrade for Medio Chiampo treatment plant. The manager of the integrated water service of the municipalities of Montebello Vicentino, Zermeghedo has installed an innovative hydrogen sulphide abatement system at its plant. The project includes two absorption columns that subject the sucked air to a chemical wash, and then further refine it through a biological treatment before emitting it into the atmosphere. Report by La Conceria.

Skyshot of Medio Chiampo treatment plant

Research and development
The research project that led to the new system began three years ago. It followed the construction of the new chemical-physical treatment section of incoming industrial wastewater and two new primary sedimentation compartments. The air that the covered tanks inhale was conveyed to a specific treatment plant capable of ensuring hydrogen sulphide values below the limits established by the Veneto Region. The search for a process that would make it possible to achieve these results highlighted the need to find a solution different from those already existing on the market.

Green Upgrade
The new plant includes two absorption columns. From the very start, the plant has proven to work according to expectations, returning hydrogen sulphide values constantly within the limits. Given the positive results of the project, the company has also started the patent registration process. The new technology represents know-how that can be replicated in other situations, both for purification plants and for individual companies. Among the various advantages, air treatment leads to obtaining a sulphur mixture which, following its refinement, could be reused as a raw material, thus orienting the entire supply chain towards a circular economy model.

The comment
“We are very proud of this result. It distinguishes our commitment to air quality as well as water - says the president of Medio Chiampo , Giuseppe Castaman. This is an important investment, of around € 900,000, to which are added management costs that exceed € 150,000. The effect on the working environment of the plant and in general on the territory is considerable. We have every intention of replicating the project, appropriately sized, also at the lifting station in via Lungochiampo”.