Leather UK’s Dr Kerry Senior combats Alternate Materials’ “fiction and misinformation”
21 July 2021

Before reading the comment below by Dr Kerry, read this cheery-picked fiction titled  New Technology Makes Continuous Sheets of Mushroom Leather

VTTs Sustainable Mycelium Leather

Shame to see the usual empty tropes being used here again. 'Conventional leather production...vast amounts of land, water, and energy due to mass livestock farming, and processing the leather also has an impact, requiring significant amounts of toxic chemicals.' No one rears cattle to make leather, the hide is a by-product. Leather manufacture does not drive cattle rearing. https://lnkd.in/dBe3j9e The chemicals used in leather production are subject to the same controls as any other industry - how will this material be finished if not with dyes, topcoats, etc? The best known mycelium product, Mylo, is tanned and finished in the same processes as leather.

And then there is complete misinformation, 'more sustainable, plastic-free, and vegan alternatives that avoid these problems entirely....vegan leather items out of apple peel waste .... vegan leather from prickly pear cactus...' Apple leather is 50% PU and cactus leather is 65% PU - plastic-free?

The leather industry has no issue with competition but it's time these alternative materials were honest about the composition and impacts.