Sustainable Leather Foundation - Qualus becomes founding member
20 April 2021

Qualus is proud to be a founding partner of the Sustainable Leather Foundation (SLF), whose aim is to support the industry to develop more sustainable practices in leather manufacture.

The Foundation was established in 2020 as a not for profit organisation with a focus to improve the whole of the leather industry through education and best practice.

A key part of the Foundation’s work will be to provide consumers with concise and accurate factual information about leather, so they can have confidence when they buy.

Other founding partners of the Sustainable Leather Foundation include brands, tanneries, chemical companies, machinery companies, technology providers and consultants (full list here)

Deborah Taylor, Managing Director, Sustainable Leather Foundation, said, “We’re incredibly pleased to have Qualus join us as one of our founding partners. At the Foundation, we recognise that new technology has a key role to play to make the tanning process more sustainable. Qualus has already proved it can make a difference to the amount of water and chemicals used by tanneries and that is great news for the environment.”

Vikrant Pratap, CEO, Qualus, said, “We are delighted to have the opportunity to join the Sustainable Leather Foundation as a founding partner because our values are so in line with theirs. We are committed to making the tanning and leather industries as sustainable as possible through the use of new technology and shared good practice. We believe our Sfere technology can dramatically improve the sustainability footprint of brands that work with leather, whether they are in the fashion or automotive industries. We look forward to sharing the lessons we have learnt with our fellow Foundation members.”