Tibet - White Yak Hide and Zeology
24 February 2021

When White Yak hide meets with Innovative Zeology Tanning, great things can happen, writes Franis Tang of Chrome-Free Leather Alliance


We are proud to be working with the Tianzhu Tibetan Autonomous County in Gansu province, China in support of the Tibetan community who breed the White Yaks. Generally, the breeding method is mostly grazing. This method is eco-friendly and can effectively guarantee the quality of White Yak.

The White Yak is a rare and precious local semi-wild endemic population of China. They inhabit environments of extreme cold and lack of oxygen, dry grass and for half of the year, they inhabit in ice condition.

It is our initiative to promote full traceability of White Yak leather and communicate the benefits of ChromeFree and Innovative Tanning in China, for China, to the Chinese leather manufacturing industry and the value supply chain.
Each year, there are about 30,000 White Yak hides leftover from the slaughterhouse. Instead of the by-product being burnt or sent to landfill, making good use of the by-product is essential to reducing the impact of the environment.