Footwear - Shoe sector must seize post-pandemic chance
08 January 2021

Side leather producers and leather footwear manufacturers around the world have had a torrid 12 months, but an increase in optimism and social activity later this year could bring an upturn in the sector’s fortunes, writes



In Leatherbiz Market Intelligence first report of 2021, we learn that, if leather shoes can attract the attention of the fashion industry, this segment could be the leather industry’s best chance of growth this year.

If vaccination programmes aimed at beating covid-19 are as successful as health professionals, drug companies and governments hope, the restrictions people have endured and continue to live with in many parts of the world could lift at last.

“Many are predicting a return of the roaring 20s,” the report says, in reference to the popularity of parties and dressing up in the 1920s in the wake of World War I and the flu pandemic that followed immediately afterwards. For leather and leather shoe manufacturers to take advantage of this, though, the report says major players in the industry need to prepare now and find ways of presenting their ideas and their materials to influential figures in fashion.

“More parties and more fun usually go hand-in-hand with new fashion trends,” Leatherbiz Market Intelligence continues. “The leather and shoe industry should be well aware of this and of the desire that designers and trendsetters will have to ride the wave. We see massive opportunities, but it will require some initiative and some optimism from all the parties who have to turn the potential into reality.”