United Kingdom - SLTC hosts annual conference
02 May 2019

SLTC conference 2020

The UK’s Society of Leather Technologists and Chemists (SLTC) held its 122nd annual conference in Northampton on April 27. The keynote Procter Memorial Lecture was given by Dr Michael Meyer of FILK on the subject of the thermal behaviour of collagen. 

Callum Mackay from the Institute for Creative Leather Technologies continued the programme with a look at the role of water in chrome tanning and the implications of low water usage processing. This work in combination with Qualus, utilising XOrbs to replace the traditional ‘float’, examined reduced water usage, shorter processing time, chemical savings and reduced effluent output.

Next, Gordon Paul from Devro took the floor to discuss the use of collagen as a raw material for the manufacturing of sausage casings, films and gels, after which Eric Poles from Silvateam discussed the antibacterial qualities of vegetable tannins, with specific reference to chestnut, quebracho and tara.

Former World Leather technical editor Richard Daniels then gave an update on the progress of the replacement of the SLTC pocket book – a project officially started in 2018. The project aims to create a ‘virtual library’ and reference compendium in an e-friendly format for anybody who wishes to know more about the industry. It will also cater for technicians in developing their understanding of the different technologies and sciences involved in leather manufacture.

Business improvement coach Rumon Hankey then gave a presentation on lean principles, which was followed by a presentation from Jeffry Guthrie-Strachan of Trumpler on the company’s work on managing chemical oxygen demand in post-tanning processing. 

The final speech, from Rachel Garwood, was on the subject of leather education. This included an update on the University of Northampton’s Institute for Creative Leather Technologies, which will move to a new site later in the year.

The conference finished with the presentation of the Axel Landmann certificate – an award given to recognise outstanding contribution to the industry. This year’s recipient was Malcolm Leafe, the editor of the SLTC journal.

A dinner-dance followed in the evening, at which outgoing vice-president, Stephen Trantum of Trumpler, hand over to the new vice-president, John Hubbard of SATRA.

Information courtesy of Leatherbiz