Luxury: Chanel buys traditional tannery Bodin-Joyeux
FNA | 22 January 2014

La Chanel - traditional luxury bag

Chanel, one of the most traditional fashion houses, has bought the no lesser traditional French tannery Bodin-Joyeux. With more than 150 years producing exquisite leather, this acquisition was made in order to ensure a reliable supply of high quality leather for making Chenel’s luxury bags.

Following the parameters of the Métiers d´Art project in recent years Chanel has continued to buy the most traditional companies from France’s craft and textile sector in order to ensure that it can continue its manufacturing activities without any supply interruptions.

Desrues, Lemarié, Maison Lesage, Massaro, Goossens, Guillet, Atelier Montex, Causse and the recently acquired Lognon are some of the companies that now belong to the Chanel group. Now it was the turn of Bodin-Joyeux to become part of this French luxury empire.

Founded in 1860 Bodin–Joyeux is a family tannery with a long tradition that has made it a regular part of the luxury sector in France. Its star product is calf skin. The company covers the complete tanning cycle, employs 100 people and produced 450,000 leathers per year.

Frédéric Bodin shows his products

The acquisition assures the continuation of the company and Chanel has guaranteed the presence of Frédéric Bodin on the board. Despite the change of ownership the tannery has assured other clients that it will continue supplying them as before.

Information courtesy of CueroAmérica Translated from Spanish by Richard Smith