Resort 2022/SS2022 Runway Review: The Bigger the Bag, the Better
Divina Amistoso | 11 August 2021

I was a lover of the big tote. It was my catch-all…everything from the computer, iPad, make-up kit, wallet, notebook, medicines, cardigan, water bottle…and the list went on. It took a shoulder injury, possibly caused by all that weight I was lugging around on one shoulder, to convert me to the benefits of using a smaller backpack or handbag. 

But I must admit that it definitely gave me a thrill to see the big totes making a strong showing in the recent runway shows. Some of my favourite big totes include Alberta Ferretti, Amiri, Balenciaga, Burberry, Fendi, Max Mara and Proenza Schouler (as featured in Vogue Resort 2022).

There they were, mostly in leather, looking so practical yet chic. Almost all the designers went for a more structured silhouette with bottom or all-side gussets, giving the bags extra strength and room.

On APLF’s sampleroom, there are many featured brands presenting totes that fit the current trend such as:


Tafi Tote Bag
Del Sur Leather / Argentina

Leather Mesh Tote Bag
AMUAMU / Japan
Blue Tote Bag
BADI Industry / China

I realise now that big totes are actually the perfect accessory. In the times of Covid for a rather paranoid germophobe like myself, the big totes offer enough room for my must-have items, including an alcohol bottle, face mask case, face shield, wipes, etc. So I guess I’m taking my old favourite leather tote out of retirement, like today!