Design-A-Bag Competition 2020
Mike Redwood | 26 August 2020

The annual Design a Bag competition continued this year but was held online. There were three finalists and they were interviewed and questioned via a conference call and the interviews, the short results show and the videos from all three were shown as part of the interview process. It was remarkably successful, and the interviews were quite enlightening.



All of these including the three videos are on the APLF YouTube channel.

The winning bag was designed by Mary Chan who is currently studying in London. She called it Second Skin as she designed it around a concept of comfortable body contours. This could not have been more perfect for the 2020 theme: Mirror to the Soul, Mind & Body



She deliberately chose a very natural vegetable tanned leather for the bag and her video neatly describes how and why she designed it. It is very clear from the video that she has taken the time to understand the virtue of vegetable tanned leather and its perfect suitability for so many types of article.



In this time when so many designers rush to judgement about materials it is gratifying to find a young designers who has taken the time to understand leather, its types and like this with functionality and aesthetics required. A bag like this will last indefinitely and age beautifully. Rather than wearing out, it will wear in.

You can watch the video HERE