Gulec Chemicals - Innovation driven company delivers solutions to electric vehicles
Véronique Saunier | 14 September 2018


“The biggest challenge in our industry is the growing need for environmentally friendly materials,” starts Alec Gulec, General Manager of the Germany based chemical engineering specialist Gulec. The company provides halogen-free flame retardancy solutions for coated fabrics and other technical textiles.  The demand for environmentally solutions was catalyzed by the Chinese Government’s 13th Five Year Plan which promotes a cleaner and greener economy, with strong commitments to environmental management and protection, clean energy and emissions controls, ecological protection and security, and the development of green industries. 

For example, polyurethane resins for synthetic materials have already undergone a rapid shift from solvent to water-based versions, resulting in new production methods and compositions. “These new products naturally need new customized flame retardancy solutions and that is where we come in,” says Gulec. 

Unlike traditional manufacturers, Gulec Chemicals does not offer off-the shelf products but exclusively tailor-made solutions that meet the individual needs of each customer.

Thanks to their hazard free nature, halogen-free flame retardant solutions can be used in public spaces and are a perfect fit for the aviation, transportation and furniture industries.

“Here at APLF we are presenting our halogen-free flame retardant for PU microfibers, specifically designed for the automotive industries,” explains Gulec.

“We see further challenges and opportunities in the electric vehicle market. By its very nature, this market represents a new consumer mindset, with no place for toxic, halogen-based retardants,” he continues.

Thanks to its thorough research and passion for constant innovation, the company has been able to predict this shift years ago and has designed effective, environmentally safe flame retardancy solutions which are now available to manufacturers of electric vehicles.

“Our focus remains on research and development, with a profound expertise in PU/PVC coated fabrics. This has been our proven recipe for continued growth in both Europe and China. The key to our success is noticing subtle shifts which predict where the market is headed. In Gulec laboratories, we are already developing flame retardancy solutions for the next decade,” Gulec concludes.