#DESIGNABAGHK 2017 Winner Interview: Online Favourite Design

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?
My name is Yenny Adriana Garces Hernandez I am a fashion designer specializing in leather accessories, I work in Colombia at a company called Nora Lozza where I design luxury handmade handbags http://noralozza.com/.

Designing handbags and shoes is my passion, I love the leather and its characteristics, the qualities of comfort, durability and luxury that products made in leather have.

I am currently creating my Garces Bottier shoe brand which represents the Latin essence with a mixture of natural materials, new silhouettes and innovative features.

2. How did you first hear about Design-a-Bag Online Competition (DAB)?
I came across the competition from the Facebook page of Ars Sutoria.

3. Can you briefly explain what your entry was about?
My design is an evening bag inspired in geometric objects with irregular shapes with a mixed of hard and soft materials, gold metallic handle that gives a sophistication and minimalist style.

4. What did you hope to achieve when you decided to enter the competition?
I was hoping to travel to Hong Kong to attend the fair and hopefully win the first place for a chance to be selected for the handbag design course in Ars sutoria. I wanted to compete internationally with other designers and evaluate my ability against other participants.

I took a shoe design course at Ars Sutoria Milan after winning a shoes design contest in Colombia last year and I wanted to return this year to complement with the course of design of handbags.

5. What challenges did you have to overcome to get your idea completed?
The challenges I had to take care of is that the bag looked luxurious and not be suitable for everyday wear.


6. What was your first reaction when you found out you were selected as a category winner of DAB?
I was very excited to see my design got chosen among all the participants because my design received a lot of “Likes” on Facebook from different places in the world.

7. Were you happy with your final piece and what you would you have changed if you had more time?
I am happy with my final piece and I wouldn’t change anything . I love it the way it turned out.

8. What advice would you give to students entering the competition next year?
Believe in your designs and participate without fear because each person is unique and sees things from a whole new perspective. Beautiful creations and designs are made through cultural believes and personal experience accumulated.

9. What does winning DAB mean to you personally?
To me this is a great recognition for my design and work that I have been doing for several years, it means that there are other opportunities to grow and learn.

10. What are you hoping to do next?
I hope to continue training to become an excellent designer of leather accessories.