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Véronique Saunier

Véronique Saunier established her reputation as a journalist soon after moving to Hong Kong in 1988. As a freelance writer, she has been covering the fashion, leather and fine fibre industries for various magazines including the industry’s leading trend setter WGSN. Her background as a former science and technology writer enables her to interpret in a highly readable manner the way new technologies affect various industries and our lives. She understands and is concerned about the impact the fashion industry has on the livelihood and traditions of animal breeders across the world. A dedicated environmentalist, she tirelessly promotes corporate responsibility and sustainable development as a means of preserving cultural diversity. At the same time she defends the rightful access of local populations to education, healthcare, technological advancements, prosperity and wealth creation. She has played an active part in developing and coordinating the programme of the Cashmere World Forum and of the Global Footwear Retail Conference. A tireless traveler with an extensive experience of living in China, Véronique commutes regularly between Asia and Europe.

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