Venezuela - Wet Salted Bovine Hides for Export
Richard Smith | 24 November 2020

With its main office in the western city of Maracaibo and representative offices in the state of Yaracuy and the capital of Lara state, Barquisimeto, Commercial Jairo Leather Industries has founded some 36 years ago. The company is currently managed by Mr Jairo Noya as CEO who has extensive experience in the international leather sector and moreover in international hide exports.



The company possesses all the necessary sanitary certificates from the Venezuelan authorities to ensure that hides exported are free from communicable diseases. Comercial Jairo has an export capacity of 200 containers per year of wet salted bovine hides and has exported to various countries in Africa as well as China, Egypt, Italy, Mexico and Vietnam.

The company has also visited international leather fairs such as APLF in Hong Kong and ACLE in Shanghai with the aim of expanding its international contacts and portfolio of customers. Currently, Mr Noya is considering exhibiting at the 2022 Pan Africn Leather Fair due to be held at the Egypt International Exhibition Centre located on the outskirts of Cairo.

The operations team at Comercial Jairo is specialized in preparing and selecting the hides that are to be exported in order to ensure the highest quality. The total number of employees is 83 with a team taking care of the necessary export procedures, including customs and international sea freight.

Comercial Jairo works with international purchase contracts according to customer requirements.

For further information, contact Mr Noya via e-mail [email protected]  

Instagram: @comercialjairoleatherindustry