Sino-Italian manufacturer Daniela Moda on discovery mission
Véronique Saunier | 12 September 2017

“Bright colors, simple design.” This is how 30 years old Marco Wu, Sales Manager and family member of the Sino-Italian leather accessories brand Daniela Moda describes the company’s products, including the new summer collection that was revealed at Fashion Access in Hong Kong last March.

Called Falfalla, the Italian for butterfly, the cheerful collection features ladies handbags and wallets imprinted with butterflies, a motif no stranger to the world of fashion, and particularly trendy this summer.  Very productive, the company releases up to 20 designs per month to cater for its three brands including Cavalieri, a classic brand for men; Daniela Moda, mostly addressed to young women and Piazza d’Uomo. 

Founded in 1986, the family-business leather goods manufacturer is based in Italy but operates from two factories:  Florence for the production of handbags and Guangzhou for the production of wallets and small accessories.

From a small factory of 10 people at its beginning, the company has turned into a sizeable leather goods manufacturer with over 300 employees and 500 external partners.

While most of the company’s distribution network is in Europe, it has recently turned its focus on the Asian market, choosing Singapore as a strategic starting point and establishing its Asian headquarters there. Other expansion plans include opening stores in China and in Taiwan in addition to the office and store the company opened in Singapore in 2015.

“There is a strong demand in Asia for quality products made with respect and seriousness and Daniela Moda has the objective to respond and accommodate these requests,” explains Wu.

A first time exhibitor, Wu lists the reason why the company has chosen to exhibit at Fashion Access: “because of the abundance of genuine leather, because APLF is one of the biggest leather fair in Asia and because Hong Kong is easily accessible.”

“We are on a discovery mission to find partners and distributors in Asia,” he concluded.