Fortune, luck and collaboration, key concept for Flink
Véronique Saunier | 12 September 2017

A key as a symbol of open mindedness and a name, Flink, that evokes fortune, luck and collaboration. That is the concept behind this Korean leather brand, founded in 2016 by designer trained and Chief Executive Officer Eun-Suk-Lee.

In recent years, interest in collaborative working has been growing, driven by the idea of a shared economy and by the search for effectiveness and efficiency. It covers a variety of ways that two or more organizations or individual can work together and it can be applied to any industry, including leather. It involves some sort of exchange, for mutual advantage, that ultimately benefits end users.

Simplifying user life is exactly what Flink’s Plus bag does, the result from the collaboration between a photographer and an architect: made of calf skin from Italy, the Plus bag is composed of detachable pieces including a tote, a backpack, a mini purse and a mobile pouch. Modular, multi-functional and easily transformable, it is designed to meet the demands of today’s users changing travel needs, from daily commute to leisure getaways or business trips. The Plus collection also includes the Plus Clutch, this time the result from the collaboration between Lee and an Italian designer, and one of 2017 APLF Award nominees.

It is while living for five years in Italy and in the UK that Lee first connected with leather and fell in love with it. While the company’s main markets are definitely in Asia, including Korea, China, Japan and Taiwan, Lee says he just signed a Memorandum of Understanding with a store in Florence to distribute Flink’s product in Italy, where his first encounter with leather took place.

“We chose Fashion Access as our first exhibition because it is a very famous show and the dates perfectly fitted our schedule,” he says.

In addition to believing in collaborative working as well as in participating in leather fairs Lee also thinks that the use of KOL (Knowledge Opinion Leaders) can be helpful to promote a brand. Plans include to involve the support of the famous South Korean musician, singer, songwriter and TV show host Chi Yeul Hwang and of the popular South Korean actress Gong Hyo-jin.