Coucou, a nest brand rather than a niche one
Véronique Saunier | 02 May 2016

Founder and Designer Vivian Wong
Design Director of Vivid Workshop Vivian Wong

Both a French casual greeting and the name of a widespread bird, Coucou is the name which Hong Kong-based bird lover and Design Director of Vivid Workshop Vivian Wong chose for her brand of luxury women’s leather handbags. 

 “Luxury brands only focus on quality. What differentiates my products is that in addition to high quality they also have a story.”

Vivid Workshop

“Nature, and birds especially are my source of inspiration,” explains Wong, talking from the booth her brand occupied at the Fashion Access show that was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from March 30 to April 1, 2016.  Wong has been allocated the exact same space in the Design Zone ever since she joined Fashion Access back in September 2012. “I found my very first distributor for Korea then and our collaboration has continued until now so I think this space at Fashion Access has brought me luck,” she recalls.

Photo credit: COUCOU

Wong gets her inspiration from the silhouette, feathers, colors and shapes of birds and incorporates them in the design of her ladies handbags. She also makes sure she integrates wood and especially delicate stitches in her designs, resulting in products that are feminine, graceful and refined, yet playful, functional, with a touch of humour. The wooden clutch that nests nicely in one’s hand has become a best-seller and a signature design of Coucou.

Her handbags appeal to young women, teenagers and their mothers but Wong plans to develop on the sideline a “petite” bag collection for children. They are mostly sold through consignments in retail shops in Hong Kong and Wong hopes to expand into international markets, which is her main purpose in participating in Fashion Access.

“I do not think my products are destined to a niche market,” she says, “Rather I feel they appeal to all sorts of women who wish to add a touch of creativity to their outfit.”