What is the L.E.D. Project?

The L.E.D. Project is the new collaborative initiative of APLF where Leather becomes the common language to connect APLF Leather Exhibitors with young, independent Designers


The project offers designers the unique opportunity to create leather fashion goods using new leathers provided by leading tanneries. What’s more, designers will have the chance to display their prototypes in upcoming APLF Leather fairs, starting with the Dubai fair in March 2023.


Tanneries provide the leather … designers create the magic.

10 Leather Goods Designers, among them are Top ASEAN Leather Goods Designers and elite graduate from King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL), Bangkok,  will partner with 10 tanneries.  


Designers and exhibitors will connect with each other on the materials and design, to together curate an APLF Edition handbag combining quality leather and fine craftsmanship. 

APLF takes to the Center Stage.

L.E.D. Project designers will enjoy commercial exposure in the APLF Leather and Fashion Access fairs.

Finished LEATHER GOODS will be displayed at APLF Hong Kong, the perfect platform to present your brand to the international leather goods and fashion markets.

Who can be

Who can be

Here comes the final matching of Exhibitor X Designer. The pairs will connect to unleash the extraordinary craftsmanship under the use of finest leather.

winners / participants

Top school graduates nominated by affiliated design schools

Designer brands seeking global exposure

Start-up brands selected by APLF Consultants


Designers submit applications for L.E.D. Project.

Applications will be screened by L.E.D. Project Selection Committee.

Approved designers submit their leather goods designs, with leather preferences.

APLF selects a partner exhibitor or tannery for each participating designer, based on the designer’s material choices and product designs.

APLF connects designers with the chosen partner exhibitors, who then coordinate with regard to leather styles, designs, quantities, etc.

Designers produce their prototypes and display these at APLF Dubai in March 2023.

Contact us for any inquiries.​
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  1. Each designer will make ONE finished leather goods.

  2. Designer will select ONE supplier to work with. Each supplier will sponsor materials to at least ONE designer.

  3. Suppliers will display ONE piece of material at APLF ASEAN. The material will be kept by APLF and used by designers directly. The actual size of the sponsored material will be large enough for designer to produce a leather good (for example a handbag).

  4. Upon negotiation with material sponsors, designers may be offered discretionary sponsor of other types of materials. The same material in a different colour will be counted as one type.

  5. Supplier has the final right to decide the type and quantity of materials provided to each designer.

  6. APLF has the final right to the matching of suppliers and designers.

  7. The copyright of the final product will be owned by the designer. APLF Ltd and participating suppliers of LED Project also have the right to use the collaboration for marketing and promotional purposes.

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