APLF ASEAN Special Edition

Dates:19 – 21 October 2022
Opening Hours:10:00am-6:00pm on Day 1 & 2,
10:00am-5:00pm on Day 3

Halls 1, Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC) 

Concurrent Events:APLF Leather, Materials+, Fashion Access
Number of Exhibitors:200+ Exhibitors

In Bangkok, the leather world MEETs

Discover More M.E.E.T. opportunity in APLF ASEAN, the first time the renowned international leather exhibition is organised in Bangkok.

Throughout the three days, exhibitors will be invited to join different Business Matching sessions, each with different themes, to meet buyers. 

Onsite education programme and workshops, which are  part of the APLF’s Next Leather Goods Designer Programme, for fashion buyers, designers and  professionals.

Experience the possibility of our beloved material. See how they are produced, touch and feel the trend, and appreciate the creativity of local designers.

An intensive three days covering the whole leather and fashion goods supply chain, during which transactions and networking happen at the new venue – QSNCC.

Discover the different sides of leather at APLF ASEAN, Bangkok

Leather is...


APLF is the one place where you can feel, touch and even smell all types of leather, for different purposes, with different finishing.


Who says leather comes in brown and black only? Visit the Material Trend Space where the FW23/24 colour and material trend are displayed. Curated by by Olivier Guillemin [o,o] in collaboration with the Comité Français de la Couleur.


Behind its beautiful side, leather is full of technical know-hows. Don’t miss the leather foundation courses by international trainers from the UK and Italy, and obtain a certificate.


Leather is a sustainable product without doubt. Discover how modern tanning technologies is reshaping the leather industry, and how you can convey the accurate sustainable message to your customers in the Experience area.


Meet suppliers from all over the world – Brazil, France, Italy, Thailand, India, USA, etc. to find the right material with the right price for your next collection.

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Product Sectors

  • Hides & Skins
  • Wet Blue and Crust
  • Leather for Bags, Footwear,Accessories, Garment, Upholstery, etc
  • Exotic Skins
  • Tanning and Finishing Machines
  • Chemicals and Dyes
  • Leather-Making Tools
  • Sustainable Materials
  • Functional Materials
  • Woven & Natural Materials
  • Shoe Components
  • Fashion Hardware & Accessories
  • Machinery, Tools & Supplies
  • Bags
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Footwear
  • Garments
  • Small Leather Goods
  • Travelware

Media Partners

Supports from Key Industrial Organizations

APKI (Indonesia)

Member: 129
Industry: Tanning, chemicals, machinery
It is our pleasure to be a supporting partner of APLF ASEAN. During the post-pandemic period, This show will be important for APKI's tanning members to import raw materials, and also an export platform to facilitate overseas trades.
- Budi Purwoko, Chairman of Indonesian Tanners Association (APKI)

HKFA (Hong Kong)

Member: 281
Industry: Footwear
While APLF moves from Hong Kong to Bangkok, HKFA is looking forward to this special occasion for the Asian footwear community and suppliers to gather once again.
- William Wong, Vice President of HKFA

LEFASO (Vietnam)

Member: 217
Industry: Leather, footwear, handbag
APLF ASEAN in Bangkok opens up an outstanding sourcing opportunity for leather and materials for regional manufacturers. Apart from being the leader in footwear and leather goods manufacturing in the region, Vietnam is one of the world’s biggest importing countries of leather and raw materials due to our robust manufacturing industries.
- Phan Thi Thanh Xuan, Vice Chairwoman and General Secretary of Vietnam Leather and Footwear Association (LEFASO)

TFMA (Taiwan)

Member: 274
Industry: Footwear
Being the supporting partner of APLF ASEAN is a proven credential for TFMA. As we place an important focus on Asian market, APLF ASEAN will be a precious opportunity for meeting Asian buyers, and increase the global exposure of Taiwan's footwear manufacturers.
- Jackson Yu, Chairman of TFMA

TFA (Thailand)

Member: 233
Industry: Furniture
TFA is excited to be the supporting organization of APLF ASEAN, which is about to take place in Thailand for the first time. Being the world’s leading trade show in leather, APLF will definitely offer unique opportunity for our members to meet leather suppliers around the world to source high-quality leather for furniture manufacturing.
- Jirawat Tangkijngamwong, President of TFA

TTIA (Thailand)

Member: 106
Industry: Tanning
The international exhibitors and buyers expected to attend APLF ASEAN will be able to gain firsthand experience and knowledge of what the TTIA and its members have to offer in terms of products and expertise from its leather sector.
- Suwatchai Wongcharoensin, President of TTIA

PFFI (Philippines)

Member: 114
Industry: Footwear
This partnering opportunity is precious to PFFI. APLF can meet the material needs of leather and footwear components in the Philippines footwear sector, so as to restart the local production and resume export business.
- Antonio Andres, President of PFFI

BPIPI (Indonesia)

Member: 811
Industry: Footwear
"We are glad to provide our members with the opportunity to visit APLF, which offers a huge network for the footwear industry. BPIPI's members will look forward to finding inspirations and trending materials from suppliers in APLF ASEAN."
- Edi Suhendra, Head of Indonesian Footwear Industry Development Centre (BPIPI)

TAP (Philippines)

Member: 30
Industry: Tanning
Being the supporting partner of APLF ASEAN, TAP is eager to promote this international platform, where our members can find suitable raw materials and machines for their tanning business.
- Mary Lazaro, President of Tanners' Association of the Philippines (TAP)

FAMph (Philippines)

Member: 49
Industry: Fashion Accessory
"We believe APLF ASEAN will be the best international event for our members to look for beautiful and fashionable finished leather, so that they can get inspiration and materials to prepare their next fashion masterpiece."
- Carissa Cruz Evangelista, Chairwoman of Fashion Accessory Makers Of The Philippines

About APLF

We bring leather, material and fashion businesses together: an opportunity to meet and greet face to face. We bring them from all parts of the world so that they can find fresh partners, discover new customers or suppliers and keep ahead of industry developments.


We organise a number of trade exhibitions which focus on fashion and lifestyle: sectors that are constantly in flux, so visitors and exhibitors alike need to be constantly aware both of the changes around them and those forecast for coming seasons.


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