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Ivan Kráľ 

International Training Commission of the IULTCS




Ivan Kráľ is a project manager at United Nations Industrial Development Organization’s (UNIDO) Agribusiness Development Department with responsibility for development, funding and implementation of technical cooperation projects in the leather industry sector for developing countries; numerous projects worldwide dealing with cleaner production methods, quality control, treatment of tannery effluents, utilization and/or safe disposal of tannery wastes, establishment and/or upgrading of leather development & training institutions. Recently launched innovative e-Learning initiative in footwear pattern engineering, how to deal with hydrogen sulphide gas, first aid at the workplace and other e-Learning and on-line courses arepart of the upgrading of leather development & training institution. Other field is the organization of the UNIDO Leather and Leather Products Panel meetings and administration www.LeatherPanel.org portal. Author and co-author of several guidelines and papers for the leather value chain.