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Sustainability - Lockdown leads to circular leather idea from Silvateam
16 October 2020

Italian leather chemicals manufacturer Silvateam presented a new concept called Biocircular at the recent exhibition in Italy, reports Leatherbiz.   



Director of the group’s leather business unit, Antonio Battaglia, said at the exhibition that Biocircular is an idea that Silvateam finalised during lockdown and he said 20 tanneries around the world have already begun using it.

“We worked on this new concept in response to demand from tanners and from finished leather product brands for leather that is totally sustainable,” Mr Battaglia said. He explained that it uses on natural products and that leathers made using the new concept will work in harmony with people’s skin when they wear the material in shoes and other products.

At the end of the product’s useful life, he explained, specialist partners will take the material back and use it to make fertiliser. It is this that will make leather made using the Biocircular concept truly circular, Mr Battaglia insisted.

He said: “The leather will go into fertiliser, the fertiliser will help plants grow, the plants will feed cattle and, when the cattle go to slaughter, tanners will use the hides to make more leather.”

The group has brought to market as part of its Ecotan range of technologies.



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